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Obtaining and maintaining viable employment is essential for providing for your basic needs and those of your family. When employees are subjected to discrimination, their livelihood is unfairly jeopardized. Fortunately, there are several state and federal laws that protect employees who are dealing with these types of issues. If you believe you are the victim of employment discrimination, it is important to have skilled legal counsel in your corner working tirelessly to protect your rights.

Sinson Law Group has extensive experience representing clients in employment discrimination cases. Attorney Kent Sinson has in-depth knowledge of this area of the law, and he knows what it takes to secure favorable results for his clients. Kent and his team are committed to protecting your rights in the workplace, and when these rights are violated, we explore every legal avenue to ensure you receive just compensation.

Employment Discrimination Cases In Illinois

We handle a wide range of workplace discrimination cases, and some of the most common include discrimination based on:

  • Race/skin color
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy

There are numerous state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination, such as the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the False Claims Act, and the Illinois Whistleblower Act. These laws extend protection to those who face discrimination based on a protected class, those who have been sexually harassed, victims of whistleblower/retaliatory discharge, and many others.

Employment discrimination cases can be challenging to prove. For this reason, it is important for employees in this situation to retain as much documentation as possible. Our team is able to put our experience to work to thoroughly examine the actions of the employer and quickly identify patterns of discriminatory behavior, if they exist. This puts our clients in the best possible position to achieve a successful outcome.

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At Sinson Law Group, we understand the emotional and financial toll employment discrimination takes on workers and their families, and we work hard to make the legal process as smooth and seamless as possible. We offer free consultations, and we take the time necessary to ensure your case receives the personal attention it deserves. Contact our Chicago law office today at 312-332-2107. We serve clients in Chicago, Cook County, Skokie, Maywood, Rolling Meadows, DuPage County, Lake County, and Will County, Illinois.

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